The idea for Arty Bee Designs came about in 2019, 
Having spent two years struggling to cope with various (part time) work environments due to having OCD, anxiety, and experiencing panic attacks; I spent a lot of time thinking of ways that I could take the things that I enjoyed doing and use these to be able to work for myself.
In the spring of 2019 I took my A-Levels in Art and Design, Biology, and Graphic Communication, once my exams were completed, I suddenly found myself in an unusual position - with time on my hands. After five years of study, revision and exams which had taken up every spare minute, I didn’t know what to do with myself, and so I decided to start creating pieces of art for myself. In September 2019 whilst on holiday in Devon I set about designing a set of hand made Christmas Cards. Throughout November and December, I made to order and sold over 100 cards with 20% of all profits going to The Multiple Sclerosis Society.
I knew that I would never be able to cope with being away from home, or University life, so Mum and I sat down and thought about what I could do next as I didn’t want to have a year out and lose the momentum to study.
The result was, that in mid September 2019 began two RHS Horticultural courses.
Throughout my life I have always loved flowers and plant science (strange combination I know, but there it is, and my RHS courses pull it all together).
Whilst doing these courses I became more and more interested in gardening at home and have taken over the family greenhouse for my own plants!
In addition I began to paint and draw botanical illustrations. At the start of 2020 I started posting my art on my social media pages, and gained a small following. This led to people requesting commissions, from personalised digital pet portraits, to being asked to create a unique illustrated wedding present.
As my collection of designs grew, I began to see my card range grow ...

I now have over 80 birthday card designs, 40+ different occasion cards, gift wrap, bookmarks, coasters and much more ! 

My Arty Bee Website was created as an outlet for my art.

I attend my local monthly farmers markets (all can be found on the "where to find me" page, have regular customers, have my cards in a few local shops, and my collection of designs and products is forever growing ... 
I still struggle daily with OCD, but thanks to my parents and all of you, everything is progress. 
Little steps !!
Beth (Arty Bee Designs) xxx

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